Setting up your account in Web Purchasing



  • Log into your account using:




  • User Name: First Last
     (Yes, full name with a space between names)

               Password: provided by the IT department


  • The home screen should look something like this:


  • First time users should click “My Account” and set their email address as well as notification preferences (we recommend leaving the first box unchecked) and their default approval rule.  Click “Update My Account” when done and you should see   confirmation as Save Successful.   (If you don’t see your approval rule, contact the Business Office)


  • Approvers of requisitions must also manage their Out of Office rules when leaving for vacation.  This will allow for a delegate to approve or reject requisitions in their absence.



  1. NOTE: The first email you receive from may be routed to your junk folder.  If so, please mark it as Not Junk and future messages should be received to your inbox.  If you need help with this step, please contact the Help Desk at