There may be several reasons you would receive an error message that your account does not exist when you try to log into your student account.  Please review these common causes for this error message:

  • Did you follow a link from a web search to log into your account?
    • LBC accounts require specific login pages to access your email, Canvas, MyLBC and Zoom accounts.  Please first navigate to our student portal and follow the links to LBC systems posted here.  To access the student portal from any web browser, simply navigate to "" or go to our website home page at "" and click on "Portal" in the upper left corner, then select the "Student" portal.
  • Did you use your full LBC email address?
    • Your username to enter your LBC email, Canvas, MyLBC and Zoom accounts will be your full LBC email address.  If you have entered a shorter username, this account would not exist.  The proper username format would include "" rather than "test1234".
  • Do you have an email account with another educational institution or workplace?
    • Please log into your LBC email account at "" (or use the email link on the student portal).  If another email account automatically loads before you are able to enter your login credentials, you will either need to manually click the "sign out" button under your account profile icon in the upper right corner before re-clicking the link to your LBC email account, or you will need to use a different web browser to access the second account.  Our accounts are compatible with Chrome, Edge, and Safari.
  • Is Zoom returning to the login screen after you enter your login information?
  • Are you asked if you want to log into a "Work or School Account" or a "Personal Account"?
    • LBC creates and manages a "Work or School Account" for you.  Please select this option to access your LBC account.  If you did not intend to create a personal Microsoft account using your LBC email address, please review Microsoft's process to close a personal account posted on their support website here: Microsoft Account - How to Close Your Account 
  • Are you logging into the Library resources?

If these common solutions have not resolved the issue preventing you from accessing your LBC account, please contact our Help Desk at for further assistance.  Please include a picture of the login screen that includes the error message you receive as well as a description of the steps you have taken before you receive the error message.  This will allow us to replicate the issue and better diagnose the root cause of the issue.