While in a classroom, it is sometimes necessary to share content to the class’s Zoom Meeting from a secondary laptop. This is useful when a PowerPoint or video used for the lecture is stored locally on the laptop, rather than on the classroom PC. This task may be accomplished utilizing the following procedure. 


1. On the classroom PC, begin the classroom zoom meeting in the normal way. Ensure that the meeting is running properly and attendees are able to join.


2. Once the meeting is running, click the shield icon at the top left corner of the zoom window and make note of the Meeting ID.

3. On your laptop, sign into your Zoom client and click ‘Share Screen’ and enter the Meeting ID in the field provided.


4. In the prompt, select ‘stay co-host’.  

5. Select which window you’d like to share.


6. You should now be sharing your laptop screen to the classroom meeting.